Self-made artificial reality – “Dreams”


You can turn your can’t into a can when you can turn your dreams into plans. As Abdul Kalam once said, “you have to dream before your dream can come true”. Let us analyse what all you have dreamt for 20+ long years and some facts about your fantasy world of Dreams.

A daydream or a night dream, your brain now will never accept others as a Hero of your fictional world. But, believe me, until you turn four years old, your dreams would have never accepted you as a Hero. Yes! You should turn 4 years old to start your own dreams. Blessing you to have a long life, we also bless you to have 6 years of your life spent dreaming (its proven fact man! “6years”).

Had someone not dreamt about DNA double helical structure, Alternating current generator periodic table etc., I’m sure the science textbook would have been a lot thinner. Yes! They discovered or invented them after dreaming about them. It seems that you cannot read or tell the time in your dreams. Then how could Dmitri dream about a periodic table? Well, he left us without explaining it.

I’m sorry to tell all those 99 percentile scorers of the world, whom-so-ever you are, you will forget 90% of your dream in 10 minutes once you are awake. If you didn’t, then you definitely need a doctor. Also, understand that our brain functions more actively during the night than during the day. So from here on, you can challenge anyone that you were more intelligent during the night than during a day.

“Men, men and men” in a man’s dream but “men and women in equal numbers” in a female’s dream! Oops! Gender discrimination in dreams also. Men, please control the number of men in your dreams as dreams can be controlled. It’s called lucid dreaming. If you still can’t control, try having some female talking beside you while you dream as brain incorporates external voices into the dreams while dreaming. If this option is also not possible, then try to snore. You can’t dream while you snore.

Not everyone’s dreams are colourful. 12% of the people dream in black and white. Are you one amongst them? This doesn’t mean that blind people can’t dream. They dream about other senses like smell, taste and feel etc. My dog, your cat, his parrot, their cow every animal dreams. But remember everyone who comes into your dreams are the ones whom you would have seen at least once in your life. Hereafter, no confusion that some unknown girl has come into your dreams. Go, find her, she might be somewhere around.

Foretelling is completely possible by dreams. People of Titanic and 9/11 dreamt about their crash and believe me 18-38% of the foretelling has proved to be true. These kinds of dreams are called premonition dreams.

Haaa! Not all dreams are sweet dreams. There are negative sides for these dreams as well. Rapid eye movement (REM) is a stage of dream where you sleepwalk, injure yourself etc. there are cases where people killed and got killed by being in this state. Sleep paralysis occurs to some during their sleep where they report inability to move their body or strong evil presence in their room. Dimethyltryphamine, famously called as dream drug is available in the market which is actually banned. These help in prolongation of your dreams and take you to a state where you can’t differentiate between a real world and a dream world.

Finally, though there is a darker side for dreams as well, you still have a treatment for them and they are not life-threatening. If your aim is to work in Google, know the fact that Google was also an invention from a dream. So dream, dream and dream. “Have a fantabulous dream”.

Article Written by Bommineni Jyothirmaie Reddy

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