Road Accidents in India – Reasons beyond comprehension

“Accidents, and particularly street and highway accidents, do not happen, they are caused” – Ernest Greenwood

Some people say that even your death should be an inspiration for others to live. Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagat Singh, Bal Gangadhar Tilak sacrificed their lives for the country. Soldiers across the borders leave their lives for protecting their mother country. But, there are around 6 lakh Indians who lose their life every year just because of over speeding. We, as a country, effectively fought against extreme famines in 1940s and 1970s. Successfully tackled Pakistan’s aggression and China’s rage. But, we are unable to address the domestic issue which is taking away thousands of lives every year.

‘Road Accidents in India-2015’ is the only publicly available latest government report. According to it, for every hour there are about 57 accidents leading to atleast 17 deaths. The number already sounds humongous, but a study conducted by Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi inferred that the number of deaths would have been underestimated by a factor of 4. Which means that there are around 68 deaths per hour in our country. Out of which 77.7% are attributed to the negligence of driving/driver’s mistake. Since, government doesn’t like to blame itself for road accidents, let us bring down that number to 60%. So, around 40 people choose to die per hour in India. This figure is startling. Out of these, 61% are due to “Exceeding the lawful speed.” So, around 46% of the accidents happen just because we choose to drive with high speed. So, around 6 lakh people die every year just because they want to drive fast. Out of which majority are in the age group of 15 to 35.

There are many reasons for speeding on roads. It might be a mere thrill or it can even be an impending emergency. Whatever be the reason, nothing is more important than life. So, what we can do is to be aware of these accidents and to protect ourselves from road accidents. Analysis of available data on accidents may help us with the same:

  • Two wheelers accounted for most number of accidents (31.5%). Given a choice, a four wheeler would be a good option.
  • ‘Fault of other drivers’ and ‘bad weather conditions’ are next big reasons for cause of deaths. So, leave that Ego aside at least when you are driving.
  • Deaths due to overloaded vehicles are increasing year on year. Think twice before getting into that over-crowded share auto.
  • Junctions around the traffic signals account for the most number of deaths. So, just be aware before hitting the breaks.
  • Tamil Nadu accounts for highest number of road accidents. So, doing MBA here might have increased the probability of getting into an accident.
  • March and May account for the highest number of accidents all through the decades. Maybe there is some relation between Sun and accidents.
  • Time slot between 15:00 to 21:00 accounts for the most number of deaths.
  • Knowing this at the back of your mind may make you more cautious while driving at these hours.

Rahu or Kethu doesn’t stop you from getting into accidents. Only science will help. Probability of getting into an accident can be drastically reduced by being aware of the past incidents.

Have a safe journey!!

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