Regulated Isolation

“It is not easy to find happiness in our self, and it is not possible to find it elsewhere” – Agnes Repplier

Dude!! Let’s go to the party this weekend – Requests a friend
Students, do this assignment by today evening – Orders a teacher
You should go to your cousins house warming ceremony next week – Command your mom
Prepare this report by tomorrow – instructs your boss

Unorganized thoughts, unhindered tasks, incomplete assignments, unsympathetic environment and the most disastrous UNCONTROLLABLE EMOTIONS. What are you going to do? How are you going to manage?

ISOLATION is the only way out. By isolation, I doesn’t mean social isolation or personal isolation. It means, isolation from the present environment. To take time for yourself. To ponder on your self-thoughts, emotions and actions. Most importantly, to revive your goals, ambitions and vision in your life.

Siddhartha, after watching a dead man, poor man and an ascetic, left all the princely comforts to begin an ascetic life. After 6 years of isolation and intense meditation, he transformed into Gautama Buddha and established Buddhism. Isolation from the environment has transformed Siddhartha into Buddha.

America, from 1930 to 1945 isolated itself from world politics and returned as a gem in World War II. India, after Independence, has preferred non alignment policy instead of joining US or USSR. And now we have cordial relations with both the countries. China, which has been in isolation for major part of the history strengthening its culture and economy, is flexing its diplomatic muscle over the world politics.

Steve jobs after being isolated from Apple (1985-1997), has revived it after returning to the office. He always assets that the life is all about connecting the dots. But, to connect those dots, you need isolation. Jeffery J Fox in his book “How to become CEO” asks us to think daily for one hour. Robin Sharma, in his book The Monk who sold his Ferrari, directs us to maintain a dream book and revive it regularly. So, all my dear friends, if not for years, at least get isolated for half an hour and THINK about your future and impending goals. (Don’t forget to put off notifications from Facebook, Twitter, mails and most importantly WhatsApp!!)

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