Education – What India needs the most

Before heading to the crux of the much interesting topic, let me cite a few quotes that are borrowed from great personalities.

  1. “If you think Education is expensive in 21st Century, just wait to witness how expensive it will be without education” – Barack Obama
  2. “Education is the most powerful weapon that can be used to change the world into a better place.”- Nelson Mandela
  3. “And our own Rabindranath Tagore said “Education is one which does not give only information, but makes our life in harmony with all existence.

The main question to ask ourselves now, is: ‘Is our education system enabling us to convert information into wisdom?’ I understand that the topic might be overcooked on the web. But the view the Pandas present is quite different.
First of all education is not only schooling or grades or number of qualifications. It is a tool which makes a person live happily, work with maximum efficiency and live with delight. It should benefit both the human mind and the heart. O.K. let me name the above as it is known ubiquitously as intelligent quotient and emotional quotient.

The right form of education enables a person to learn the nitty-gritties of life. The jealousy, greediness, enmity, theft, robbery, dacoits and murders are present in this world. Some are also committed by educated people. Why is this so? This is not only because of the internal psychology, but also due to improper understanding of life.

According to a source, children whose mothers are able to read have 50% more chances of survival (above the age of 5) than the rest. A scintillating fact is it not? Another fact. Just imagine that if all women on earth had any form of primitive education there would be nearly 2 million less malnourished kids in this world. Does it not strike the minds of those chauvinistic people who are reluctant to send girls/ladies/women for education?

In developing countries like India, we see it to be a rat race. Yes, we Pandas are also a part of it. But we urge every reader to expound beyond this rat race. Education is a learning process. Look out for knowledge. If you have the privilege to go to a learning center, make use of it to the fullest. Along with the syllabus try reading all genres of books ranging from comedy, romance, G.K to lifestyle.

And most importantly, start educating one other child either by paying fees or in whatever way possible, to make this world a better place to survive.

Article Originally written by Adithya N

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