Trump governance vs Modi Sarkar

With the raising right wing populism across the world, there is no wonder that Donald Trump and Narendra Modi got elected to the top position. Modi cashed in on the incompetence of Congress to eradicate policy paralysis. His stand on the implementation of Uniform Civil Code, prohibition of Bangladeshi immigrants on Indian soil, eradication of black money gets him closer to Trump’s policies. Trump is specific about his policies. He wants to prevent illegal immigrations from Mexico and other Muslim majority countries which are threat to U.S. economy. Improve the ease of business by reducing the corporate tax, protect and promote American culture.

The policies of both the leaders stems from the political party they belong to i.e., National Democratic Party (NDA) and Republican Party of U.S.A. Both the parties are Nationalists, neo-conservatives and anti-elitist. They could be brought under a larger umbrella of Right wing populists. Liberal in their economic policies and conservatives in their culturally conservative, both the parties, are in sync, in broad terms. However, there is an enormous difference between ‘Make in India’ and ‘Make America great again’ as propagated by Modi and Trump in their campaigns. Modi’s focus is on increasing Foreign Direct Investments by establishing business friendly environment. On the other hand Trump is inclined towards protectionist measures by imposing ban on Chinese goods or hiking VISA fee. So, Modi is probably getting it right compared to Trump.

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