Byju’s Classes – A Step Ahead of the Rest

The colloquial quote “Do what you love and love what you do” is not taken seriously by many. Rather many believe it is an irrational, infeasible and a maniacal thought. Byju Raveendran, an entrepreneur of different aura has showcased that the quote is not a dream, but a reality.

I, being a Byju’s student can imagine his words “Do not read for CAT exam. No need of any preparation. It is just common sense.” These are his usual words whenever he handles quants session. Coaching/Tutoring business in India pretty magnanimous, ranging from school tutoring i.e., from class I to IAS exams.

The way Byju made his entry into this business strategically is commendable. He started CAT classes in early 2000s after he found out that he was excellent in topping these exams as he could solve the aptitude questions very well. The aspirants quickly recognized the opportunity and started to enroll under him to learn the concepts in a totally different way. He is mostly known for Online Teaching, which is a whole new ball game altogether!
Online Teaching in India even today is not highly prevalent. But the astute ability shown by Byju to put across the importance in preparing for CAT/XAT/other exams by sending the recorded lectures via tablets has created a new dimension in Coaching Business. The entire Byju’s Classes has grown into a full-fledged education hub. He realized that there is a “Blue Ocean amidst Bleeding Red Ocean” of off-line coaching. The first mover advantage into online learning and his reputation expounded into a huge success. He made sure that students find it attractive as well. All the faculty are experts and connoisseurs of the respective fields. This makes the learning curve more exponential.

The Inducement of Capital by Investors like Sequoia Capital and Facebook’s subsidiary indicate the fact that Byju’s Classes will revolutionize the learning process in the country. He is able to reduce the fixed costs in this manner as he need not purchase Land for his classes. Thus, managing a mammoth strength of students is not an issue. The visualizing of mathematics via tablets by Byju is laudable. The premium charged by him as compared to others is a fee paid for enhancing common sense along with learning! I am a testimony of that !!
He is a disrupter in the market-place as he has efficiently carved out a niche for himself amidst the likes of Time, Career Launcher etc. The further question is that, what is in store for the students as the classes received a further 50 million dollars from Sofina (Facebook Subsidiary). Will Byju’s use Virtual Reality to teach? Will they head in for a one on one online coaching? Will they go brownfield? Will they enter into academia themselves? Will they go for a buy-out of another player?

Lot of questions to ponder every time Pandas see the poster of Byju’s on a TV commercial, or on a Bus or other digital Ads.

Article Originally Written by Adithya N

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