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None of us is a CEO to a Fortune 500 company nor did we emancipate thousands of deprived people from poverty. We are just a bunch of friends, from across the nation, who have uncompromising passion for writing. Benjamin Franklin once said, “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” We chose the former one and the Pandas Wisdom came into the fray. Thanks to the locked-in period during the residential Post Graduate Education in Chennai.

Pic: From left: Adithya N, Bharat S Raj, B. Jyothirmaie Reddy, P. Shankarananda Reddy

Introducing myself, I’m Bharat S Raj, an Independent Technologist, blogger, data enthusiast and traveler from Kochi, India. As an intern, I have worked with companies like Amul & Sobha Ltd. I’m also a TEDx Organiser, Wikipedian & Digital Marketer (Google AdWord Certified). I am interested in growing and developing with data, solving business problems and creating impact.

Adithya N is a calm youngster, a chess wizard, a voracious reader and a sardonic person hailing from Mysore, one of the cleanest cities in India. He is also a keyboard player and a music lover. His area of interest include sports, education, economics, showbiz, lifestyle, and music.

Palle Shankarananda Reddy is a finance fanatic and a content writer. After experimenting with all the entrance exams, one could ever think of, he decided to settle with us for an MBA at Great Lakes. But his constant quest for knowledge and creativity has made him more of an artist rather than a manager. Anything with wheels drags his attention, say it skating, cycling or riding, he loves it.

Bommineni Jyothirmaie Reddy was born and brought up in a patriarchal society, she has successfully modelled herself into a strong female. As a trained horse rider, badminton player and a classical singer she adds diverse value to her writings. She brings along with her a rich corporate experience of working in TCS and Amazon.

But why name Pandas Wisdom? We believe that Pandas are incessantly persuasive, kind and are known for their wisdom. Just like Pandas express their wisdom through adorable cuteness, we wish to express our vivid ideas through lucid writings. Our diverse backgrounds and unique style of writing helps in achieving this purpose.

The four of us have strong desire to help our fellow citizens in contemplating this VUCA world. This could be achieved only through the free flow of knowledge. Pandas Wisdom is a perfect platform for it. Our experiences with the corporate world, strengthened the fact that general knowledge is quintessential for survival. May it be in technology or showbiz or any other segment of business!

Just like the Panda bears which are completely focused on hibernation and fun in their lives, we Pandas request you to engross yourselves in these articles and enjoy the dissemination of knowledge to the fullest!

On behalf of the team, I would like to thank you for being one of the first readers of Pandas Wisdom. We hope that you enjoy reading our blog and disseminate knowledge to the world.

Happy Reading Folks !!


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